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Hi, Welcome to my Excel VBA Blog. My name is Paul Kelly and I have created this blog to help you master VBA – the programming language for Excel Macros. I like to take complex VBA topics and explain them in easily understood blog posts. The posts are comprehensive and provide practical and useful VBA information and examples.

About Me

I have been a software developer for over 20 years. I have worked for the largest insurance company in the UK, was a senior software consultant for one of the biggest Car Rental Companies in the world and have built card processing systems for a number of leading financial institutions.

In recent years, a great deal of my work has been building advanced Excel applications and training Excel users to get the most from Excel Macros in very competitive environments.

I have built a number of VBA tools including an automated code generator, a formula version tracker, broken link identifier, module version control and many more.

When not writing code I like to travel around South America, try my luck at Poker and follow my favourite team in the ancient Gaelic sport of hurling. I currently reside in the Emerald Isle.

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  1. Hey Paul,

    I have really appreciated your tutorials. Through it, I have gotten a spark for a project idea. I would like to compile a family contacts list in an Excel workbook and then make and autogenerated family tree (flowchart) based on properties of each of the contacts. So far I have just been recording macros with methods I want to use and picking them apart to write code. I would love to hear if you have any thoughts on this topic

    I am aware that there are software products available already that do this and I wanted to get your thoughts on the feasibility of this task. It would be a fun project for me and I am not eager to spend money on something right away



  2. I have just found you tutorials and I must say that your website is the best ever to find ideas to resolve problems. It is very exhaustive and well presented.
    If one day, you write a book out of your tutorials, please let me know.

      1. Hi Paul,

        I am developing Excel VBA for both the Mac and Windows users and could use some help getting around some of the compatibility issues.

        Which brings me to two questions:

        1. Do you have experience developing VBA for the Mac platform?
        2. If yes, do you provide consulting services on a per incident basis?

        Looking forward to hearing from you!

        BTW, It looks like you have some great resources on your website. I just signed up as a new member.


  3. I am learning VBA macros. I want to learn completely. But I can’t afford to pay for that course. I’m not earning much money now.If you help me to give me an access for a while it will be helpful for me.

  4. Hello Paul, I’d like to say many thanks to you for doing a great job – your articles are extremely useful and extremely all-embracing. They give an opportunity to learn VBA quite easy, and do this from the very beginner level to the very advanced one.

    And that’s the reason, I would like to ask you to share your approach to naming. As I understand, there is a quantity of such info over internet, but as I said – it would be extremely interesting to know exact approach/convention YOU are stick to.

    And once again, thanks a lot for your articles, they are really admirable!

  5. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for tutorials.

    I have a query regarding notepad.

    I have data in notepad and want to extract in excel.

    Could you please help me in this.

    Manish kumar

  6. Hi Paul:
    I want to thank you for your awesome tutorials. You have really improved my VBA skills. Do you have any content on web scraping into excel using VBA and automating the process? I did not find it scrolling your site. Thank you for all your effort!
    Best Regards,

  7. Hi Paul, Love your blog.

    I’m working on remaking a macro and I’m running into a perplexing issue. The macro runs at different speeds depending on how the macro is started. If I’m in the editor and press “F5” the macro takes 5 seconds. If I use a button, hotkey or select the macro from the “Macros” dialogue window, the same macro takes 5-10 times longer to execute. It seems to slowdown around usage of arrays. I have an older version of the macro without arrays and the speed of the macro is equal with all start methods (slow, but equal). I’ve not seen this before but have found a few unanswered questions out there. Most want to address the efficiency of the code but that is not the question. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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