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Finally! A  Foolproof Method For Learning Excel VBA 

Even if all your previous attempts have failed, your time is limited and VBA looks like a foreign language to you

If you are a user of Microsoft Excel then you've SURELY at least considered the possibility of adding VBA to your skillset by now. 

Maybe you have made some attempts and found it a frustrating experience. Maybe some or all of the following sounds familiar to you

  • You use Google for every single line of code
  • You have wasted lots of time looking at random blogs or YouTube videos
  • You have spent money on courses or books but found they didn’t teach you what you needed
  • You feel overwhelmed at the very thought of starting a VBA project
  • You find using VBA a process a slow and frustrating experience

Surely there must be a better way to learn Excel VBA! 

What if there was a proper step-by-step, paint-by-numbers guide to learning VBA?

If you were learning a language like French you would approach it in a structured step-by-step manner. You would do a lot of practice . You would reinforce your learning with exercises, assignments, quizzes and other activities.

This is how you learn almost everything from a new to language, to playing a musical instrument to driving a car.

This is why the Duolingo language app became a smash hit. It teaches languages in  a step-by-step manner using practical exercises.

Yet, most books or courses try to teach VBA by simply dishing out information with little or no practical lessons.

Sure, some have activities but these are always very basic and are not much help when you need to create your own real-world applications.

Hi, I'm Paul Kelly founder of ExcelMacroMastery.com

I created the Excel Macro Mastery website because I know that learning VBA can be frustrating.

Trying to do it all yourself can be difficult.

Sure, maybe you can do it. But you'll probably  waste a lot of time and effort doing the wrongs things.

Having Someone Show You the Way Can Save You Countless Wasted Hours

When I started with VBA many years ago I made plenty of mistakes.

For example, when dealing with large amounts of data I would manipulate the values directly in the cells. I had no idea that this was a really slow way to use VBA.  

I wasted countless days on an application because of the time it took to run. I would sit waiting for it to finish so I could move onto the next task. I was blissfully unaware that there was a much faster approach.

One day when I was looking up something else I stumbled upon an article that mentioned arrays were much faster than accessing the cells each time. 

​Knowing this in advance would have saved me countless hours - and not only in the time it took the code to run. I also ended up having to completely rewrite the application to use the newer method.

This is the problem with the standard was of teaching VBA. It does not include the practicalities of the real-world. It leaves it up to the user to discover for themselves.

That is why I decided to create a completely new way to teach VBA

The entire focus of this method is to create a step-by-step paint-by-numbers guide that will provide you with real-world VBA skills. These skills will 

  • make you more valuable in your current position
  • help you  to secure a higher paying and better job
  •  automate boring repetitive work and allow you to spend your valuable time on more important tasks
  • make your colleagues envious as they wonder how you appear to create VBA applications almost effortlessly

So what is this  New Method of teaching VBA?

Introducing The VBA Vault

  1. In-depth Tutorials: 40+ VBA exercises with full solutions, 60+ coding examples, 4 assignments, 40 quiz questions and 20+ video examples.
  2.  Webinar Replay Archive:  Over 25 hours of practical VBA coding workshops. With tons of practical tips, techniques and secrets used by the professionals.
  3. New Content: Brand new content is being added all the time.
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What People Are Saying About Our Solution

 John Ovens 

 Financial Analyst         


Paul, absolutely fantastic. A great building block to start with – I am looking forward to later tutorials.

 Ari Jabber 

 Instrumentation and Control Engineer 



Your style is unique and fantastic.

You have that uncanny skill to present something in a simplified way. The applications are based on the real world example projects. This style is very effective, engaging and practical way to learn.       

Probably you are the only one who is teaching this way. Other authors missed this simple and brilliant idea.

This is what most people are looking forward to learn while practice. Hope to see more practical base in later tutorial by you. Hats off sir !!!

Pradeep Majh
Business Analyst

 Ray Walmer 

 Data Analyst         


Very pleased with how clearly you simplify a very complicated subject. thanks for “Dumbing it down” for us old folks.

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So here’s the thing to ask yourself right now…How much longer do you want to keep getting the same results you’ve been getting?

Only you can answer that. If you’re ready to shake things up and gain momentum, I want to help. But YOU have to make the choice–and you can take the first step right now.


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