How to Build a Complete VBA Application from Scratch(Membership Video)

The VBA Handbook Application 2 – Building a Table of World Cup Results

This video is part of the The Excel VBA Handbook course. I have included it in the vault so you can see how to approach building an application.

In this webinar, I build an entire VBA Application from start to finish explaining all the concepts used. This application introduces the Dictionary which is a vital part of VBA programming.

The webinar includes:

* Live VBA coding
* Professional VBA tips, tricks and secrets
* A Question & Answer session where I answer any questions you may have
* How to build an application from scratch
* How to create a simple project framework
* How to build a report
* How to sort a worksheet range
* How to format cells
* How to write code to handle errors

You can get full access to all the VBA Handbook applications here.

Note: To watch the video at the hightest quality, click on HD at the bottom of the video and set to 1080.


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