Hello and welcome to the Membership area of ExcelMacroMastery. In this post I’m going to explain how to get started with your membership.

How to Log In

To log in to the membership area use the fields in the right sidebar on any webpage(except the front page):

right side log in

How to Access the Membership Area

You can access the membership areas from the menu at the top of the website:

How to Access Your Account Information

Go to “My Account” in the top menu and click on “Account Information”.


You can update your payment information or cancel your account from this page. (Note that when you cancel your account you still have access until the end of the current period):

Webinar Archives

You can access the webinar archives from the member menu:

If you click on “All Webinars” you will go to the webinars page where you can search the keyword search box, using Ctrl + F using the Category dropdown menu:


You can download the workbooks used in my YouTube, Blog Post and Webinars. Go to Downloads from the Member menu and select  the “75+ Download Workbook” page:

You can use the box to search and filter on this page: