VBA UserForms Part 1- A Guide for Everyone(Membership Video)

“The system should treat all user input as sacred” – Jef Raskin.

This video shows you how to use a UserForm in your VBA application.
It features

  • Live VBA coding
  • What is the UserForm and why do you need it
  • How to use UserForms in your applications
  • How to add code for your UserForm
  • Showing the UserForm
  • Displaying Modal versus Modeless
  • How to pass data to the UserForm
  • How to get the data from the UserForm
  • Professional VBA tips, tricks and secrets
  • A question & answer session where I answer any questions you have



Download the workbook I used here: Download File


Related Code

You can see the template code for creating a UserForm here. You will find this post under the under VBA Code Recipes menu.


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Note: Click HD at the bottom of the video to select the hightest quality.

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