VBA Case Study – Comparing Stocks (Vault Video)

Comparing Stocks Working VersionIn this webinar, I work through a real-life Excel VBA application.

One of the viewers has a list of stocks which is updated every week. They wish to use VBA code to create an application that compares the current list of stocks with an older list.

I create this application from scratch and use time-tested principles that can be applied to building any VBA application.

The webinar includes

  • Live VBA Coding.
  • Read through data in a worksheet.
  • Opening a worksheet.
  • Using a dictionary structure.
  • Creating a simple animation effect
  • Plus a Q&A as well as tons of tips and tricks



VBA Dictionary
VBA Collections
Subs and Functions
Open File Dialog
Open a workbook
For Each Loop



A working version of the application and the data is available to download here


The Video

Note: To watch the video at the highest quality, click on HD at the bottom of the video and set to the highest setting.


  1. Paul, always find your session full of wonder ideas. Taking it all in takes some time and I have to review the webinar a couple of times. Have found this session great as creating the structure of the macros certainly does make it easier to read and understand.
    Thanks again for your informative webinars.

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