VBA Pivot Tables – The Ultimate Guide(Webinar Replay)

Note: This webinar replay is available for a limited time and then it is added to the webinar archives in the VBA Vault
This webinar covers using VBA to create and use a Pivot Table.

It includes

  • Live VBA Coding
  • How to Create a Pivot Table using VBA
  • Grouping By days, months and years
  • How to add slicers
  • How to add columns and rows
  • How to add values and filters
  • Plus Q&A as well as tons of tips and tricks



The webinar workbook and diagrams will be made available when this webinar is add to the VBA Vault.


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Extra Notes

Someone asked on the webinar how to use a slicer on multiple PivotTables.

It’s actually quite easy to do. You create the Slicer as normal and then add a second Pivot Table to the cache.

See the example code below

Public Sub CreateSlicer()

    ' Get the pivot tables
    Dim pt As PivotTable, pt2 As PivotTable
    Set pt = shPivot.PivotTables(1)
    Set pt2 = shPivot.PivotTables(2)
    ' Create the cache
    Dim sc As SlicerCache
    Set sc = ThisWorkbook.SlicerCaches.Add2(pt, "Marketplace")
    ' Create the slicer
    Dim sl As Slicer
    Set sl = sc.Slicers.Add(shPivot)
    ' Add the second Pivot table
    sc.PivotTables.AddPivotTable pt2
End Sub


The Video


Note: To watch the video at the highest quality, click on HD at the bottom of the video and set to the highest setting.

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